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Posted by Nicola Fox on December 19, 2018  /   Posted in Confidence Hints and Tips
6 ways to help you feel less stressed this Christmas

6 ways to help you feel less stressed this Christmas

At Christmas, we put so much effort into creating the perfect experience for family and friends, because it’s such a special time of year. But it’s a lot to live up to and sometimes it’s impossible because, when expectations are so high, it can become unrealistic.

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with stress, overcome anxiety and increase your confidence all year round, but here are some do’s and don’ts you can try at home yourself,  They work especially well at Christmas – and throughout the year too:


– Know your limits:

No-one can do everything, so decide what is essential (not everything is), what would be great to have if you have time, what would be nice but you could do without, and is just unnecessary “stuff”.

– Make a list:

You don’t need to be Wonderwoman or Superman – it’s supposed to be fun, not an endurance test. Once you’ve prioritised what is important to you, list out each item or task, think about how long it will take and give yourself a plan. Use it as a guide – and don’t be afraid to cross things off as you go along if you need to. Focus on the things that are important to you.

– Be positively practical, and practically positive:

Positive thinking is essential, especially if things aren’t turning out how you had expected them to, so concentrate on what you DO want, not what you don’t want. Look at what is possible, ask for help when you need it, delegate jobs to other people – and then let them do it their way.


– Don’t try to be a mind reader:

If you try to second guess what people are thinking or feeling, you’ll drive yourself frantic. Do what you think is best, and let everyone enjoy Christmas in their own way.

– Don’t compare yourself to other people:

Some people have a very lavish Christmas, other people enjoy things in a more low-key way. Both ways, and everything in between, are great. The important thing is for you to enjoy it.

– Don’t worry if things go wrong:

The pressure can be on at Christmas to make everything perfect, like something out of a Hollywood film. But real life isn’t really like that, so if something goes wrong, let it go. You never know, it might be the thing that provides you with a funny story in years to come. You know the sort of thing – “Remember when I cooked the turkey upside down!” At the time it might have felt like a disaster, but when you look back, it just adds humour to the your own personal Christmas history.

But whatever you do, wherever you are, and whatever happens, remember you did your absolute best, and that you deserve to be happy and have a wonderful time.

Happy Christmas!

P.S Remember – Hypnotherapy can help you deal with stress, overcome anxiety and increase your confidence all year round.

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