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What clients say about working with me

Steve Miller – TV Presenter, Author, Entrepreneur

I meet hundreds of hypnotherapists and coaching professionals and it is rare you meet those with such a strong talent that Nicola Fox brings. She fixes what most can’t.

Kate Morgan – International Promotion Director

It's all too easy to progress in your career, whilst still maintaining behavioural traits from the less experienced you. For me, it's been a question of caveating my expertise with 'it might just be me, but ...' and dealing with the particularly female niggles of self-doubt. Neither has held me back but both underpin an outlook I wanted to change. Nicola's programme gave me that great balance of pragmatic, situation-based skills and a greater awareness of, and confidence in, my professional strengths. Nicola offers real understanding of individual situations and immediately tailors her programme to suit – I can't recommend her highly enough.

Attia Attarid – Director

As a Director, your day-to-day challenges of running a business can be demanding, and being a woman in a very male-orientated industry has its own stresses and challenges. This programme was just what I needed to help me to re-focus on the great skills and experience that I seemed to have forgotten about, whilst providing me with the tools and techniques to complement those skills. The programme was supportive and encouraging and I really felt that I had a “one-to-one” relationship with Nicola. She took the time to understood my environment and really appreciate the issues that I needed to tackle. It has changed the way I deal with those stresses, and I have a greater awareness of my strengths. Now I have the confidence to meet my challenges head on!

Andrew Trott – Technical Director

Sometimes you have to take a step away to gather your thoughts, reflect and re-evaluate, so that you know that your energy and drive are being focused in the best way. That’s the reason why I decided see Nicola and, having evaluated the goals that I want to achieve, I have re-focused that energy to achieve what really matters to me.

Seal Ashraf – Sales and Operations Director

My business is sales and service driven, which has its own pressures. As much as I really enjoy that type of environment, you can get burnt out. Seeing Nicola gave me the opportunity to get my passion back for what I love doing and without it, I may have turned my back on something that gives me such a great buzz.
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